We are a bunch of Kratom enthusiasts based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, led by the enigmatic but brilliant Professor Kratom.

Our passion for Kratom is what inspires us. What’s more, our mission to help you discover your perfect Kratom experience drives us even more. We turned our love for Kratom into a business with the goal of spreading the benefits of Kratom further and wider throughout The Netherlands and beyond.

 Profkratom by Professor Kratom is dedicated to sourcing and supplying high-quality Kratom products from Southeast Asia. We take pride in the freshness and effectiveness of our product…you’ll see why once your order arrives on your doorstep. We live and breathe Kratom, always researching, discovering and trying, so we can pass our knowledge on to you.

The team at Profkratom understands that life is full of pressures, obstacles and anxieties. We stand by the benefits of Kratom, from pain relief to increased productivity. In a world where stress is rife, we completely relate to the need for a little help to relax, focus and enjoy life. We’ve found that using Kratom is a safe and effective way to get the best out of life, ourselves, our work and our experiences. We’re excited for you to discover this, too.

How does Kratom work