Kratom effects

Kratom is often mistakenly called an opiate, because the effects can be very similar to those of opiates like opium and heroine. The difference is that Mitragynine, the most important active substance of Kratom, only interacts with and doesn’t connect to the opiate receptors in your brain. At low dosage the effect of Kratom is stimulating and euphoric. At high dosage the effect becomes sedative and numbing.

What to use Kratom for

A Medicine for pain relief

More and more people use Kratom to combat (chronic) pain. In some cases it shows to be a good alternative for more expensive and addictive regular medication.

A Medicine for mental illness

There are many stories about the positive effects Kratom has on people with depression or anxiety. However, scientific studies are not at hand, so do not expect your mental illness to disappear just like that by the consumption of Kratom!

As a means to kick hard drugs

Kratom can help in the process of kicking hard drugs. It helps to cope with the withdrawal symptoms and is being used as such in New Zealand by methadone addicts.

As a recreational substance

More and more people are consuming Kratom as a recreational substance. The popularity has increased enormously the last few years, probably mainly because it has become much easier to procure Kratom online as well as offline.

Als a means to ‘get in the mood’

Kratoms euphoric and uplifting effects increase the sex drive of some consumers. Kratom enhances the female libido and rumors have it Kratom solves erectile dysfunction.

How does Kratom work

Final Thoughts

The Professor strongly advises to read the specific terms of use on your stash of Kratom. Start with a low dosage and build up step-by-step, depending on how you feel of course. The worst-case scenario is temporary nausea and dizziness. Experiences vary; best to just try it yourself!

Lastly, the Professor can only tell you to enjoy. Take your time, don’t rush into it and have fun with friends in a familiar environment.

Kratom will help you to make things more bearable, take the edge off. Who does not want that? Close your eyes and dream about this gift of nature. It will replace your feelings of stress and fear with a relaxing euphoria. You hear a soft and friendly little voice in your head, with funky music and a happy choir in the background: ‘Kratom. Kratomm. Kratommm!’

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